I was in Canadian tire yesterday looking for a glass squeegee when I overheard a gentleman talking to a sales associate about a paint correction project he was looking to do. From what I gathered there was paint contamination / spotting on the exterior of the car and with enough scrubbing, it would come off but the customer was looking for a less labour intensive solution. He was holding a bottle of Meguiars Ultimate Compound, which in itself is an amazing product but after hearing that he was going to put a microfibre attachment on the end of a drill and attempt to hit the entire vehicle with it I had to offer my two cents.

The problem with drill attached pads is that there is little speed control and in the hands of someone who may not be experienced in paint correction could lead to paint burns, swirl marks and possibly holograms. One of the best tricks to removing paint contamination is using a spray wax clay bar combination. The great thing about clay is that it picks up all the paint contamination and is the least abrasive method of removing spotting and even over spray. With a little bit of spray wax acting as a lubrication, you’d be able to clay bad all the unwanted paint spots off the vehicle in no time.

So remember, sometimes it’s better to research a little bit or better yet, contact your local automotive detail expert for advice on whatever project you have on your hands.

Sometimes clay is the answer!